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HQ 10th Marines Sick Bay, Camp Lejeune NC

Where I once worked as a Corpsman... Miss those days.... Was attached to the 10th Marines 1965-68. Loved the duty there. I was taught a lot by the Marines. And what I really enjoyed was going to the firing range with them because they would teach me how to fire different weapons, even though I was a Corpsman, but it surely didn't hurt to know those things. Served with one of the most gung-ho Marines I had ever met there, Captain Benjamin and I think it was "F" Battery, 2nd battalion, 10th Marines. Really did admire this man. Damn, he was one hard dude. Did my first 25 mile hike with him, and from that day on this other Corpsman and myself were always his Corpsman when his unit went out in the field or on a float. Many good memories about all the Marines I had contact with while serving there at Camp Lejeune. 

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Loads of peaches on the tree this year. I can only hope that they won't get attacked by anything and we will be able to have at least a couple of them this summer.


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Snow Day

Our first snow day this year, Jan 22, 2016 here in Charlotte.