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My mom's side of the family.

This is my mom's side of the family. Bottom row; (L to R) Jennie my mom, Marie, Gert. Top row; (L to R) Al, Harold, Howard.

My dad's side of the family.

This is my dad's side of the family. Bottom row; (L to R) Harold, Frank my dad, and Russ. Top row; (L to R) Rollie, Franny, Jane, Kay, Fran.

My home in Midway Park

This was home when I had moved out of the barracks and into the base housing. The house was located at 228 Butler Drive, Midway Park, Camp Lejeune, NC. My rent for the house including all utilities was $64.20 per month. I would actually love to have that house to live in today.

Camp Lejeune

The main gate to Camp Lejeune, NC. God, Country, and the Corps. This is where I was stationed while in the service as a Navy Corpsman and attached to the 10th Marines.


Yes, I finally made it back to where I had belonged all along. I'm back in North Carolina where my heart has been for the past 40 years.

Starting Over

And a new life begins once again. A free life. There is nothing like the ocean here in NC and SC. You can walk down through the surf and hear it, smell it, and taste it. And people talk about Lake Michigan and how great it is, but believe me, it is nothing like this at all. There is no comparison at all. The beaches here are so much nicer.