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Z Max Dragway

The new Z Max Dragway at Concord, NC. This was taken at the open house they held prior to the Inaugural NHRA Carolinas Nationals on September 10 - 14, 2008.

Feeding Area

This is the feeding area for the deer that come to our backyard. It's about 50 yards from the back door. I have put out 80 lbs of corn, a couple of salt blocks, and there are also a couple of mineral licks there as well. It keeps them coming back.

The Buck

Who is your daddy? I'm you're daddy..... Well at least I think so. Be sure to click on the picture so once again you can get a better view of him.

The Deer Are Back

Here are 4 of the deer that come to the backyard to eat. It's better if you click on the picture so you get a larger view. This is one of the doe's with her 3 fawn's. I don't know how rare it is for a doe to have triplets or if maybe she had twins and has also taken another fawn in as her own. I do know that there was a doe killed out on Harrisburg road about 5-6 weeks ago and was one of these fawns hers?

Childrens Museum, Greensboro, NC

We spent the day in Greensboro yesterday and took the little ones to the Children's Museum. They really had a ball there. Of course on is only 11 months but still she had a great play area and was able to do her own exploring. The older one, age 3 yrs, was really enjoying everything. She loved playing on the fire truck, in the airplane, the grocery store and a host of other places to play in. She loved to go through and shop in the grocery store and then have her daddy check her out at the cash register. It was just great to sit back and watch how they reacted to each scene there. A great place to visit with the kids.

Feed The Deer

Well I had to go and get more deer corn today and now I will keep an eye on it as to how long it will last. I put 80 lbs out there at noon today. I do know that once the other corn was gone, so were the deer. I think they were about ready to lead a protest about the fact that I wasn't feeding them. We had about a total of 7 deer out here to feed. We had (2) does, (3) fawns, (1) 3-point buck and (1) 6-point buck. Now I will see how long it takes before they come back.


The deer are now starting to come into the back yard on a regular basis since I have put out corn and new mineral licks and salt licks. We had a doe and her young fawn this morning along with another young doe who came later on. They are so pretty and we have been able to go out onto the deck and watch them without scaring them off.