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Showing posts from September, 2008

UNC Charlotte International Festival

We spent a few hours at the International Festival at UNC Charlotte and it was really fantastic. So clean and so well organized. Lot's of great food booths and some great entertainment. This is a must to attend every year. The girls just loved watching the dancers and of course all the other people there.


I spent the afternoon watching NASCAR at Lowe's Speedway. They were all there practicing for the Bank Of America 500 race on October 11. I believe this is done to test the car, engine, and tires. There was no racing, just them running their cars around the track. It's still a rush to even just watch this. I drove into the infield and got down into the pits to watch this testing. They would run several laps and then bring their car into the garage, make adjustments and then back out onto the track. Outside of family, this is the greatest rush I have had in my life, it's just fantastic to watch all the drivers. The bodies of the cars are not the same ones they use on actual race day but as you can see you still know who is who.

The Young Buck

Hey, what do you think you are doing here? Don't you know that this is MY feeding area?

NHRA @ The Z Max

We had gone to the NHRA races yesterday, Saturday, at the new Z Max Dragway. Whew, talk about sun and heat. No shade and temp was around 90, so after spending 6 hours there in the heat, the roar of the engines, and the smell of fuel and burning tires it felt great to get back into the A/C. Talk about a long day but yet was still lots of fun and we did enjoy it. I can see where it could get costly for a family, a bottle of water is $3 and a hamburger is $7 and fries are $3, but then again you probably only do this once a year anyway.

County Fair

A day at the Cabarrus County fair. There is nothing like the sights, sounds, and smell of a county fair. It's all the carney food, the rides, and the animals but am glad it's only once a year. Was a lot of fun to watch my granddaughter milk a cow. That was worth the trip alone.

My Dream

I went to the Food Lion Auto Fair to view my dreams in person. So many beautiful cars. It's like being a little kid again in a candy store. A 1954 Corvette Roadster.

National Whitewater Center - Charlotte

Now there is no way this is me. Good grief if that was me I would be upside down and drowning. But it was a great day there to watch all these people trying out for the Olympics that took place in August.

Splash Park

Ah, a few hours at Splash Park in Kannapolis, NC. For a $1 one can't go wrong with bringing their kids here on a hot day. They should have one of these for adults.