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Christmas Decorations

Well the Christmas tree is up along with all the other decorations. We did our Thanksgiving Day dinner yesterday and also got all the decorations up.

Lowe's Speedway

Today is the day one can take their own car out onto the track here at Lowe's. One can spend $50 up at the team trailers buying all their NASCAR souvenirs or contribute $25 to Lowe's Speedway Charity. It is a real rush just doing 80 mph in your own car, I can only imagine doing 190 mph down that track and taking the turns at 120 or 130 mph. Now I do need to take the ride. A ride in a real NASCAR car. Here are some facts about the track.

Superspeedway Track Facts
Length: 1.5 miles or 7, 920 feet Frontstretch: 1,980 feet Backstretch: 1,500 feet Turns 1 & 2: 2,400 feet Turns 3 & 4: 2,040 Radius Turns 1 & 2: 685 feet Radius Turns 3 & 4: 625 feet Banking in corners: 24-degrees Banking is straightaways: 5-degrees Seating capacity: 165,000 Suites: 113Going into the tunnel to get onto the track.

In the tunnel.

Going into turn 1

Going into turn 3

Coming out of turn 4 and towards the finish line.

Thanksgiving Day 2008

Thanksgiving Day here in Charlotte, NC. It's now 11:15 AM and it's 51 degrees out and beautiful sunshine. A good day here in the Kingstree development...

Marine Corps Museum Of The Carolinas

Someday after I'm gone it will be the responsibility of my son’s and their families to make an annual pilgrimage to that chosen land of Jacksonville, NC. There they will be required to visit the Marine Corps Museum of the Carolinas and make sure “MY BRICK” is cleaned and presentable to the public. Just remember, it's always God, Country, and the Corps.

Vacation From The Past

Well at least my vacation destinations and places where I stay have changed since a child, and thank goodness. This place was always know as the "Deer Shanty" and is located about 20 miles from Rudyard, MI. Now this place was way up in the boonies. There was only kerosene lamps, wood stove, and outhouse. You talk about peace and quiet, wow, this place had that and it had character. But yet it I still have many fond memories of this place. This is a picture of my dad standing on the front porch. At night you could hear the mice running around the place and then the porcupines gnawing at the wood of the cabin. Not like a condo in the mountains or on the beach.

Sorghum Syrup

This is how the making of sorghum syrup begins, with the sugar cane. Here he is using a horse to press the sugar cane for it's juice. Now I did happen to buy a jar of this sorghum syrup and thought we would try it on pancakes. Big mistake. Now I have the utmost respect for the southern people because I think they are the greatest, but this syrup just didn't make the grade for me. Hey, I will stick with Mrs. Butterworth.

Hinson Auction

Went to the auction today in Oakboro. They had many toy's including lots of trains. I didn't buy a thing but still enjoyed seeing what was there and listening to the auctioneer. This is more like a social event for me. It's the simple things in life one needs to enjoy.

The Deer

The deer will come back providing you put out some feed for them. No feed, no show. So I have put more corn out for them along with 2 salt licks and a couple of mineral licks. I have seen the "fawns" and they have grown a lot. They all now have their winter coats and at times it's difficult to see them. I will have to see if the the rest of them will show up and also the bucks. I'm really curious if we will see any new fawns next year. I think you will need to click on this picture so see the deer.

Reedy Creek Nature Center

A beautiful day Saturday and so the whole family took a walk down the nature trails here in Reedy Creek Nature Center. The temperature was just great, 70, and lots of sunshine. So peaceful and quiet there. Just a chance to get away from everything else for awhile and enjoy nature.