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Christmas Day

Well here it is Christmas day and it's really a beautiful day outside. Clear blue skies, great sunshine and 63 degrees out. I actually put down some fertilizer and some grass seed.


WOW! I have finally made contact with two of my old friends from the Navy. We had graduated from boot camp close to each other although we were not in the same company. From there we did go to Hospital Corps School at Great Lakes, IL together where we were all in the same company. From there we had gone to FMSS, Field Medical Service School, at Montford Point, Camp Lejeune, NC. After a short temporary duty at the Naval Hospital at Camp Lejuene, Dave Gastonguay and I went on to the 10th Marines and Venc Carranza went to the 6th Marines. I have found the address of two others and do need to get a card out to them. Still looking for others and perhaps I will make contact with them also. What a day, after 40+ years. Here it is Dec 20 and I'm sitting here with the windows open, hey it's 60 degrees outside. It's a good Christmas because of the good news about my grandson's health and I have found two old great friends from the service. Life is good.

The "Monster" Tree

Located on Highway 200 south of Stanfield.

Randy Travis - Marshville, NC

A short road trip to Marshville this morning. A quiet clean little town just southeast of Charlotte.
This is a current picture of the downtown, the hometown of Randy Travis.


It was time to go out and put some feed in the back woods for the deer. It's been awhile since I have fed them but there were tracks around the feeding spot, so I'm sure they will be back tonight or tomorrow morning to feed. I'm more curious if there will be any new fawns this coming spring and if so how many. Saw lots of tracks all up and down the gully so I know there are around. They did appear one morning for the salt licks which they do like.


Gas was $1.62 today at Costco. I should have gone for the emotional gas trip to Rock Hill, SC where it is down to $1.40, but it's about a 45 minute drive. Maybe next time.

Monday Night Football

It's the Carolina Panthers taking on the Tampa Bay Bucs here in Charlotte tonight. Of course uptown is a real zoo right now with all the construction, a work day, and then the TV crews setting up down at the stadium. But, it was worth seeing that mess. Not all sure I would want to be down there tonight though. I think I will just catch it on TV here at home.

Uptown Charlotte

Well here it is, December 7th and as one can see, NO SNOW! All the fountains and water pools are open and no ice them. Hey, even have leaves on the trees here yet. Bright clear blue sky, no blowing snow here. Just look at that sun shinning down onto the pool. Now, let me see. Where would I rather be living right now, up north or here. Now this is one decision that's not difficult at all.

Uptown Charlotte

This is the center of uptown Charlotte, Tryon St. and Trade St. Stop up here at Starbucks on Sunday morning for my coffee and pick up the paper. The nice thing about Sunday morning is that it's rather quiet uptown and of course hardly any traffic. If I could afford one of the condo's uptown here, I would move up here in a heartbeat.

Granny Hollow Pottery

I ran into this unique gift shop in Wadesboro this past week while taking a short road trip. They really had some neat gifts plus they made most of their items right there on site. I must get back here one day and actually buy something for a change.

Green's Lunch

I had lunch at Green's Lunch today in uptown Charlotte. Now these were some of the best chili dogs I have had. I would have to say that I even think they are better than G&L chili dogs. This place is about 3-4 blocks from the B.O.A. stadium where the Panther's play. It's not a big place but it is clean and good food.

Lilesville, NC

Took a short road trip this past week and wound up in Lilesville. This is a very small town southeast of Charlotte with a population of 426. There is an active post office there along with a service station and mini mart combo. There is also a small cemetery on the outskirts of town which had some headstones going back to the 1700's. Here is a picture of Lilesville Cafe.