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Joe's Do-Nut Dinette

I ran across this place yesterday in Albemarle while taking a short road trip. Since I have a son named Joel I thought that maybe if he saw this place he would be interested in buying it someday. :) Actually my son can really bake and cook up a storm and his hot fudge is one that you would just die for. Anyway, this one picture is for you Joel.


Well we finally did get the snow they were talking about last night. We got about 2" and you would think we got hit by some blizzard. Schools are close and many accidents on the highways and byways. The good part of this is that it won't last that long. By Thursday we are suppose to be back up into the mid 50's or even up to 60. But for now it is pretty. So quiet outside, no sounds at all except for the light breeze blowing through the trees. Those white spots in the picture are snowflakes falling.


Yesterday I had taken a short road trip to do a little exploring northeast of here. After getting gas at Costco for $1.62, OUCH, I headed out to the country. On my way back I stopped at Hendricks Motorsports and check out the new paint scheme on Jeff Gordon's car. Very nice looking with the flames going down the side. Now I will have to watch Barrett-Jackson auto auction this week to see what his car from last year will bring price wise. I had seen where it will be auctioned off here this week, but just don't know what day.

Concord Mills Mall

Finally back to the walking routine, I hope. On the cold and really hot days I can come here and walk in the mall. It's .8 miles per lap and if you walk all the entrance's it's 1 mile per lap. If the weather is good then I can go to the Fairfield Park over in Mint Hill and walk one of the two courses there.