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Showing posts from March, 2009

Latta Plantation

A day at the Latta Plantation and a Civil War reenactment. This is a must see every year.

Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery located on Brief Road just east of 601, north east of Mint Hill. Many very old graves with so much history. Did notice that there were actually 5 markers for infants of J.E. & Virgie Hartsell, but no dates on them. And also notice the one headstone with an American flag on it with a rock holding onto the stone.

My New Home

Oh yes, what a home this is. A mobile home with a brick addition, wow, what a beauty. Then there is the landscaping. Very well done.

Dilworth Area in Charlotte

These are a couple of the homes located in the Dilworth area of Charlotte. Just a very nice residential area to live in and very close to uptown.

South End of Charlotte

An office complex on the south end of Charlotte.


Well we sure did get some more snow here. We got about 3"-4" of the white stuff, but the good part is that it will be gone in a day or so.