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Backyard Flowers

Finally all the flowers are in bloom in the backyard. It sure does add a lot of color and beauty to the yard. Of course the azalea is my favorite.

Bluebirds In The Backyard

Well I did have the start of a Bluebird family here, but someone or something actually did open the birdhouse and I do believe took the eggs. She was spending her time sitting there so I had assumed that she had eggs in there. Sure beats me what happened.


A double wide mobile home that was once used for a church.
Just a very quiet and peaceful place in the country.
A small farm out in the country.

Union Cemetery

We n' de ya ho, We n' de ya ho
I am of the Great Spirit, Ho! I am of the Great Spirit, Ho! We n' de ya ho, We n' de ya ho, ho ho ho
I am of the Great Spirit, Ho! I am of the Great Spirit, Ho!
It is so, it is so.
He ya ho he ya, Ya ya ya
Great Spirit, Great Spirit, Great Spirit.....

Myrtle Beach, SC

The flowers were out in bloom this past Easter weekend.

Barefoot Landing, Myrtle Beach, SC


I think they keep coming up closer to the house just to protest the fact that I haven't put any food out for them lately. I will have to go and pick up some corn for them and then maybe they will be happy again. Although they do love the salt licks out there for them.


Welcome to Wilmington. Came over here for the day to have lunch with an old friend who I used to work with back at Kendall Electric. A nice day even though it was on the cool side.

Food Lion Auto Fair @ Lowe's Motor Speedway

The Deer

The deer came by to hit the salt licks a little bit after the rainstorm. As you can see the fawns from last year have really grown.