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Speed Street - Uptown Charlotte

Another year and Speed Street is here again. It's really a pretty neat event uptown. All the sponsors of the teams are there promoting their products with free samples. Lot's to see and bag's of samples. For me it's just fun to walk through and see the different booths and all the different people uptown. We had a great lunch at Matt's Chicago Dog uptown. I had the Carolina dog which has chili, saw, and onions. Outstanding! Will need to go back there again. The one thing that did make me feel sad was that there are people there at Speed Street who I'm sure needed some of those free food samples. Also I'm sure there were many along with their children who have never been to a NASCAR race or seen one of the NASCAR cars up close. I have been fortunate to have been to a few races and have gone to the Lowe's Motor Speedway many times to watch different event's. I have also been fortunate enough to be able to go to a food store and pick up what I wanted o…

Whiskey River - Uptown Charlotte

Nope, don't drink but still need to go here just once to see the inside.

Matt's Chicago Dog - Uptown Charlotte

This place is a must stop for lunch when you are in Charlotte.

Uptown Charlotte - Center City

Oh yes, uptown Charlotte. Oh how I love it all.

All-Star Race - Lowe's Motor Speedway

The sights of the area around the track. All the team trucks, the food concessions, and the campers. Hey, I saw one guy actually mowing the "grass" in front of his camper and then there is this guy who brought his own palm tree. It's all still very exciting for me. Love the race week.


We picked strawberries at the Hall Family Farm just outside the Ballantyne area on the south side of Charlotte. Ton's of strawberries and oh so sweet.

The Rose

Some Of The Sights From Wampee, SC

Just don't know what to say.

Sorry I missed that show this past Saturday night but then again maybe it was a blessing I did miss it.

Fires In Barefoot Landing Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC

70+ homes were destroyed and about 100 more damaged. The roads are still closed at night because of the smoke even though it's been over week since the fire and it's really mostly out, just some places where it's still smoldering.

Small Church - Chadbourn, NC

Not much to say about this church, located on main street, other than it's in a small rural town that appears to be mostly farm land and big into strawberries. Small and poor town but yet a very interesting place I most explore more. The day I went through there they were having their Strawberry Festival. I really would have given anything to have stopped and visited the various vendors and of course the small carnival that was in town.

Chesnuts Cemetery - Longs, SC

A small family cemetery for the Chestnut family located outside Longs, SC. Maybe some family that owned most of the land in that area at time. Not really sure but I do know it was very well taken care of and the grass was well groomed.