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Oakboro Cruise-In

A very hot day there in Oakboro, like 93 out and not much shade. The Cruise-In is really worth seeing. A lot of great vehicles and good people there. Be sure to bring a chair and sit there on main street and enjoy the cars.

Japanese Beetle

Take that you sucker... Hey, the trap actually does attract them and then keeps them FOREVER!

Work Is For Someone Else

Well at least someone is working. I had enough of the work scene, time to relax and enjoy life a little bit.

The Choice

Lake Michigan

The Ocean

Well at least for me it's the ocean anytime. The beach at Lake Michigan just cannot compete with what I have down here in the Carolina's.


Busy Bee

My Homes - Where I have lived

Currently live here in Charlotte, NC - October 2007
1890 Oak Park Drive, Muskegon, MI - August 1984

815 South McIntosh, Muskegon, MI - August 1974
888 24th St, Holland, MI - March 1971
17th St, Holland, MI - Feburary 1968
228 Butler Drive, Midway Park, Camp Lejeune, NC - July 1966

1169 Green St, Muskegon, MI - August 1958

895 Allen St, Muskegon, MI - May 1947

938 Apple Ave, Muskegon, MI - May 1944

A Taste Of Charlotte

Ice cream?
Great Dogs!

I would have sworn that this was really a statue. This young man was just awesome.