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Oakboro Cruise-In

Another great Cruise-In in Oakboro. So many great cars.

Carolinas Aviation Museum


Carolinas Aviation Museum

A visit to the museum was very interesting. They have 20+ aircraft, even a couple I had flown in while in the service. The most impressive one they have is the Piedmont Airlines DC-3, and that is a real jewel. This plane is so clean inside and out. The only "high-tech" instrument added to it has been a weather radar unit, nothing else, not even a GPS unit. It makes the trip here very worthwhile to see a plane like this.

Visitors To The Patio

I'm not all sure they sleep here or under the deck during the night, but anyway, they were here this morning. I will have to keep check each morning to see if they are sleeping there. Don't have a clue where they came from, but must admit, they are cute. Mommy and her two young ones.

Intracoastal Waterway - Little River, SC

Fishing Out On The Ocean - Out Of Little River, SC

The Fisherman.... Top Dog for catching fish.

Click on the pic to enlarge to see the small shark chasing the bait. I was just hoping that his grand-daddy didn't come back up to the surface to torment us.

Hey, caught a few blues.

Southport, NC

Just a dream house there in Southport.

The motel from a scene in the movie "Domestic Disturbance" starring John Travolta. Jeff and I were down in Wilmington, NC back in 2001 when they were shooting this movie. Got to see a couple of the sets and of course all of the behind the scenes stuff, like wardrobe and the support equipment.

Calabash, NC

The only place where I have been able to buy my NEHI Grape soda.

4th Of July Celebration In Myrtle Beach, SC

The moon over the ocean.

The Cherry Grove Pier way off in the distance where the fireworks were going to be done.

The BEACH! One of the best places for me in the world. The water was just great that day, about 83 and it felt so good.

And as you notice it really isn't all that crowded for the 4th.

Oakboro Carnival - Rides & Games

The rides and the games. One thing I have learned from this trip. Just sit back and enjoy the simple things in life. This is what life is all about. Hey, if you ever get the chance be sure to check out Oakboro and especially when they are having their 4th of July celebration or the Cruise-In. It really is a great small town.

Oakboro Carnival - Food

Oh yes, there is nothing like "Carni Food".

Firemen Competition in Oakboro

This was the firemen competition in Oakboro during the 4th of July celebration. One must really respect these people and the job they do after watching this. I can't imagine being in all that gear then running with a hose and going around objects. These people really hump butt. Good competition and educational.