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The Spider

The Black-And-Yellow Argiope. A common garden spider here in North Carolina and is harmless to humans. Looks like a killer but it's not. Notice it's web and the design.


Ran across this private airstrip while driving out in the country and thought it to be really unique only because it is a concrete strip with lights. It's at the end of Old Fish Road.

Monroe, NC

Downtown Monroe - County Building

A home near downtown Monroe.

International Festival - UNC of Charlotte

Festival In Freedom Park - Charlotte

Blue Ridge Mountains

On the road again...

On our way up into the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Blue Ridge Parkway. I think this would be the most beautiful ride once the leaves start turning colors.

I must admit that I do love the ocean a lot, but this place is just so much nicer with all the winding roads, the trees, the mountains. It's a real toss up as to which one is better. But then again I think I just fell in love with another part of North Carolina.

The main store here at the orchard. One can buy their apples here along with many other jam's, jellies, honey, and other condiments.

One can also grab a sandwich here and also catch some bluegrass music.

Inside the store and as you can see here they had much to offer in the way of gifts.

Finally the orchard. I must admit, it was nothing like the orchards back in Michigan, but still it was a great day here.

This was another great stop today in Spruce Pine. For $25 it was great entertainment in a bucket of stone.

Delk's Army & Navy Surplus

Took a little ride up to Asheboro today just to take a walk through Delk's Surplus. It was like stepping back in time, 45 years ago. What a huge store and so much in military gear. I thought Siagon Sam's was big, but it was nothing compared to this store. You name it they had it. Plus they have a lot full of vehicles behind the main store. Didn't get to walk through that though, but that was ok, I got to go back in time for a little bit anyway just by walking through the store. Oh for the memories.

Food Lion Auto Fair At Lowe's Speedway

Talk about my dream car, well here it is. A Jack Roush Mustang. Price: $52,000

This was one of the best looking cars here at this show. Pure beauty.