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Fall is finally here. The leaves have now started turning colors this past week. Today it got up to 57 and nothing but rain this afternoon. But all in all it was still beautiful out in the back. So quiet, and no noise but the rain coming down and hitting the leaves.

The Final Cruise-In Of The Season - Oakboro

The last Cruise-In for this year. Didn't see many cars tonight, but then again the weather wasn't looking all that great either. But I still enjoy seeing the ones that do show up and I really admire the people that have put all that money and work into these show cars. Actually I'm a little envious only because I don't have that talent. Now I'm looking forward to next year. It's always a pleasure to come over to Oakboro anyway, it's just a nice town.

The Buck

I finally got to see the buck for a few brief moments and was only able to get one picture before he bolted. Usually he will show up just when it's starting to get dark here so it's very difficult to see him, but this morning he showed up around 8:30 AM in the bright sunshine, but sure didn't stay long once he saw me coming out the back door.

Hendricks Motorsports