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Christmas Decorations

All of the Christmas decorations are up and the house is looking really good. It was 65 outside when we did this so we had the windows open and it felt mighty good. Just love a green Christmas.

The Rose's

Here it is, Nov 25, and we have 3 new rose's popping out on the rose bush. I really didn't think I would see any until next spring, but then again I will take this anytime.

NoDa - Charlotte's Art District

The fire station

The Smelly Cat Coffee House

Hey, a bar where you can bring your pooch? Pretty neat...
Now here is a very neat area I just ran across here in Charlotte. This is a must see area here in Charlotte. It's located at 36th St and North Davidson St. I did stop at the Smelly Cat Coffee House for coffee and now know that I must get back here to explore some more. I have a niece that would die to go to the Smelly Cat.

A Sunday Morning In Lilesville, NC

Lake Tabor, NC


Laurinburg, NC

Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC

Calabash, NC

Calabash, NC

Calabash, NC

Calabash, NC

Calabash, NC

Calabash, NC
One thing is for sure and that is you will get some of the greatest food down here in the south. It doesn't matter if it's one of the larger places or some small place along the highway.

Calabash, NC

This is one of the nicest town's on the coast of North Carolina. If you ever do get to this area, you just MUST be sure to stop in Calabash. Great stores, great food, and great fishing out of here.

Vereen Park - Little River, SC

Thousands and thousands of shells.

The walkway over the saltwater marsh.