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The "Storm"

Well we finally got a winter "storm". We got maybe 1" of snow overnight and some ice. It's enough to make the roads bad and makes for a day to stay inside and drink coffee all day and just keep warm. The one picture was taken very early in the morning showing the snow coming down. Being from Michigan I really didn't see this as a storm. I had driven to work,  50 miles, in 12" - 14" of snow on the Interstate Highway. We would get 2" - 3" of snow per hour, not just per day. I sure don't miss those days though, I'm glad to be back down here in NC. Now I don't know what it's like over in the western part of our state in the mountains but I'm sure they have a lot more snow and worse conditions than we do here. They probably have more winter storms similar to Michigan. For now, just sitting here with my coffee and keeping warm.

Blue Beach - Vieques, PR

This is the beach we would make our landings at, back when I was a Corpsman attached to the 10th Marines at Camp Lejeune, NC (1964-68). Actually it's a beautiful place and the water was so clear there. You could see the bottom of the ocean from the ship in about 60' of water. So many larger shells you could collect and the water was so warm. We actually had our medical tent set up about 20' from the waters edge. Would love to go back today to see it now that the Navy has moved out of there. Anyway, I just ran across this video on YouTube and wanted to put it up here on my blog.

EMR On Goldenwillow Drive - Gas Leak

A gas leak in a house just a couple of homes down from us. I was impressed with the response of the Charlotte Fire Dept., 3 trucks which included a ladder truck. There was also a truck from the Robinson Volunteer Fire Dept. as a back up. Thank God there was no explosion of any type, no one serious injured and all ended well. A woman was seen by the paramedics but was not taken to the hospital. I could just imagine an explosion there and the lives that would have been lost. One truck on the scene yet along with a truck from the gas company. They have put large exhaust fans in the garage to clear the gas out. Once again, our Charlotte Fire Dept on the scene and doing a great job.