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Z-Max Dragway

NASCAR Testing At Charlotte Motor Speedway

Dale Earnhardt Jr
Jeff Burton (31) Greg Biffle (16) Kasey Kahne (9)
These were taken during the testing of the new spoiler on the cars. There were a few brief interviews after which I was able to meet these drivers. It's great to just watch these guys test their cars out on the track. Jeff Burton was talking about how tough the competition is with all the other great drivers and cars. He commented as to how hard it is when you may be in 5th position and to finish at least 25th. They talked about all the computers and sensors in the cars and how they measure everything including the bumps on the track and where they are located. They know when the car bottoms out and where on the track it will happen. Talk about info overload. Anyway, it was a fantastic day and will be going back again tomorrow.

USS Wood County - LST-1178

This is the USS Wood County which I was on for about 3 months down in the Caribbean, April - June 1965. I recall the nights sitting back on the fantail just watching the water being churned up by the prop and watching the sea in the darkness with only the moon lighting it up. On our way down to the Caribbean we did have a cruise ship pass through our convoy and I'm sure the passengers never saw us because we were all at "darken ship". Just so many memories about that ship and the landings we had made from it. A couple on Vieques, PR and then the one in the Dominican Republic. It was decommissioned in May 1972 and berthed in the James River in VA, as you can see in the 2nd picture here. In July of 2002 it was scrapped in Brownsville, TX.

Police Helicopter - Charlotte

I just happened to catch one of our police helicopters circling over our house and area last night. I don't have a clue who or what they were looking for, but they were around here for about 20 minutes. Then also saw a couple of police cruisers go through the neighborhood, so they had to be after someone. Only hope they got the bad guy. From what I can find out about our police helicopters is that they have thermal cameras, moving map systems, search lights, Lo-Jack tracking, and night vision operations.