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The Water Tower - Monroe, NC

An old water tower that is next to an empty building and assuming that the tower may be empty also.

The Old Homestead

The Old Homestead By Paul Laurence Dunbar
'Tis an old deserted homestead
    On the outskirts of the town,
    Where the roof is all moss-covered,
    And the walls are tumbling down;
    But around that little cottage
    Do my brightest mem'ries cling,
    For 'twas there I spent the moments
    Of my youth,--life's happy spring.

    I remember how I used to
    Swing upon the old front gate,
    While the robin in the tree tops
    Sung a night song to his mate;
    And how later in the evening,
    As the beaux were wont to do,
    Mr. Perkins, in the parlor,
    Sat and sparked my sister Sue.

    There my mother--heaven bless her!--
    Kissed or spanked as was our need,
    And by smile or stroke implanted
    In our hearts fair virtue's seed;
    While my father, man of wisdom,
    Lawyer keen, and farmer stout,
    Argued long with neighbor Dobbins
    How the corn crops would turn out.

    Then the quiltings and the dances--
    How my feet were wont to fly,

More Color Coming Alive In The Yard

The backyard is really coming alive now.

A perfect rose?

Just opening...

The azalea is almost in full bloom with many more buds ready to bloom.

Can taste the watermelon now...

Knee high by the 4th? I sure do hope so...

The Dawn Of Another Day

Good Morning God. You are ushering in another day untouched and freshly new, so here I come to ask you God if you'll renew me too? Forgive the many errors that I made yesterday, and let me try again dear God, to walk closer in they way. I am well aware I can't make it on my own, so take my hand and hold it tight for I can't walk alone. Author Unknown

Welcome To Oakboro, NC

This is a video I had made back on 01/22/2010. I was actually just playing around with camera and music background to see how it would all work and actually did post it up on You Tube. It was done in Oakboro, a small town that for some reason I just keep going back to way so often. There is just something here that keeps bringing me back and I'm not all sure what it is, but maybe one day I will find out. Anyway, welcome to one of the many small friendly towns here in North Carolina.

Luna Moth

The Luna Moth returns to Charlotte. It belongs to the family of Wild Silk Moths and has a wingspan of up to 4".

Stewart-Haas Racing - Kannapolis, NC

Stewart-Haas Racing - Home of Tony Stewart & Ryan Newman

Now it's hard to believe, but they actually do work on the cars here and the floor is still clean enough to eat off of. Talk about a class act, well this is one of them.

13 parents on one street lose newborns

Now I use to live on this street, 228 Butler Drive, 1965-68. Sort of scary as to what all is going on with this water contamination issue here at Lejeune.
13 parents on one street lose newborns: " Editor’s note: This is the third in a three-part series looking at issues surrounding Camp Lejeune’s water contamination. Thirteen mothers living on Midway Park’s Butler Drive in 1953 either gave birth to stillborns or lost..."

"The Back 40"

Yes, I do live in the city limits of Charlotte but am lucky enough to have a backyard like this where one can walk for a mile or two and enjoy nature.

Big Lick Farm Days Festival

I came here on Sunday morning and so some of the antique dealers may have already packed up and left since it was the last day. But still there was enough to see and a very wide selection of items.

Mmmmm maybe....

Eat your heart out Robbie Knievel. I just know that I could jump over as many cars as Robbie with this beauty. I could start by jumping over that black Kia in the driveway. Hey, if I don't make it over, oh well, it's not my car.

Well here are some beautiful chairs and someone could have had two of them on their front porch for a mere $32 each. But oh no, they believe they can get just as good a chair for $10. Well time will tell and when they get that $10 beauty it will be on here.
Anyway. all of this was made possible by Hinson Auction. If you are looking for vintage items and some new, I suggest that you go to one of the auctions here, it really is worthwhile attending. Hinson Auction

Oakboro, NC

A small church located in Oakboro.

A house that is in need of a little attention.

Well? It does have potential.

Maybe a mile or two of concrete drainage pip made by Hanson Pipe & Precast in Oakboro. Hanson Pipe and Precast

I went to their homepage on the web and then I learned that there is much more to yarn than I ever thought. They make so much and in so many colors. Another fine company hidden here in Oakboro.
Tuscarora Yarn
Just another side of Oakboro. Don't let these couple photo's give you the idea that this whole town is like this, because it isn't. It's one fine small town just east of Charlotte with lot's of fine people.

The First Rose Of The Year

The yellow rose indicates friendship and freedom.

"Down Below"

"Down Below" the back of the house. 

Deer tracks that the young "scout" and I ran across while exploring "Down Below".

Yes, someone was watching us from above.

The sun coming through the trees while we continued with our exploration. Oh what a beautiful day to be doing this. A warm gentle breeze and my young "scout" that was leading the way for me.

The Yard

The Palm

Oh I sure do hope this little pine tree takes the transplant well. I took it from "down below" and put it up alongside the house. The yard is really starting to look good here.

Grocery Getter

Now here is a car that will get momma to the grocery store and back home real quick. A real clean looking wagon. Morrison Motor Co. does have a great selection of collector cars for those who are interested in buying or just a great place to visit and check out his cars. Another must see place if you down this way in Charlotte. Oh momma, let's go to the store....

Food Lion Auto Fair At Charlotte Motor Speedway

What some dreams are made of... 

Pure beauty...

Yes, that's about all you would see of me.... my taillights 

What a beautiful pickup. I can only imagine the hours and money put into this one.

And don't even think about putting anything into the bed of this pickup either.