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Rudino's Pizza & Grinders - Charlotte

Click Here For Rudino's Site

I think this will be a must stop and eat place. Spotted it this morning while out cruising and then got to the website and read the menu. They make GRINDERS!!!! WOW!!! We used to get those all the time on base at Camp Lejeune. We had a gee dunk truck show up in the back of the barracks every night and they had GRINDERS. Would always get the "GUNNY". Oh man, now there was some good eating. Didn't see the "GUNNY" on the menu but did have the roast beef. Will check this place out.

Shaq VS Dale Earnhardt Jr

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Shaquille O'Neal

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
I went out to the Concord Motor Speedway to watch the taping of this episode of "Shaq Vs". First of all the gates were suppose to open at 1PM but was then changed to 3PM. On my way out to the track I noticed the  temp on a sign at a bank in Midland, 100. Good grief, why in the world would I subject myself to this kind of torture? Hey, had to see this for myself. The one thing I didn't care about was the fact that you could not bring in a cell phone or camera, but I could live with that and understand as to the why one couldn't. So parked my car and started the walk up to the track, maybe only a 1/4 mile walk, so not all that bad. But walking on the black asphalt was a lot of fun. All that heat radiating from it making it more than 100 outside. Hey, gotta love this stuff. Got up there about 3:30PM and got a bottle of water and sat at a picnic table under a canopy waiting for the event to start…

Segway Tour Of Charlotte

Tour Charlotte On A Segway
Now I'm betting that this is not only fun but a great way to see some of the places here in Charlotte that one may normally miss. Wow, now I need to think about this one. Mmmmm do I?

New Diner Uptown Charlotte

A new diner at Tryon and Carson. I'm curious if it will be a true old fashioned diner with burgers, sandwiches, breakfast, and all the other good greasy food. Will have to check it out once it opens.

Kendall Electric

Kendall Electric ranked at 17th out of the top 25 electrical distributors. This is the company I retired from and it was a great place to work. So many good people there. And one thing I learned was that "V lookup is your friend". This comes from using Excel. First time I heard that I was sitting there totally clueless, like just what in the world are you talking about. But I would soon learn how to use it and used it often with the work I was involved in doing. - Distributor News: 6.17.2010

The Hill & Woods Down Below

The path going to the woods down below BEFORE.

Now there are steps going down to the woods.

The hill BEFORE.

The hill AFTER.

A Taste Of Charlotte

A warm day but the humidity seemed to be low so if you sat and in the shade it wasn't all that bad. Just so many choices down here but I did find Mert's Heart and Soul and got a pulled pork sandwich which was excellent. Then I had a taste of their banana pudding, a cold drink, and finally a taste of Fage Total Yogurt.

USS Wood County - LST-1178

History of the USS Wood County LST 1178

Oct 1, 1956: USS Wood County was laid down by the American Shipbuilder in Lorain, OH
Dec 14, 1957: Launched
Aug 5, 1959: Commissioned
Apr - Jun 1965: I was on this ship, as a FMF Corpsman with the 10th Marines,  for a float to the Caribbean and Operation Quick Kick VII. We did get to do our exercise on Vieques during this time and were suppose to head from there to Panama for a jungle warfare survival school, but those plans were changed and we headed to the Dominican Republic. I recall that the first thing we did was to evacuate American citizens and brought them back to San Juan, PR. Our life on the Wood County was really pretty good since we had A/C in the troop compartment and the 1st class Corpsman of the ship allowed Pat Handy and me to bunk in a spare room they used as a ward to keep patients. It had 6 bunks with real thick mattress's, our own lavatory and shower just down the passageway. The only thing with the showers is that we were ac…

March of Dimes - 1953

Oh yes, the March of Dimes. I can still remember all of this, even though it goes back to when I was only 9 years old. I went from door to door with a little can collecting dimes. I don't recall just how much I collected but I do know that I had done my share and enjoyed doing it. Of course the Muskegon Chronicle spelled my name as Robald instead of Ronald, but hey, it's close enough. I remember Terry VanDyke but just don't recall if he was in my class and as for Jeanne Vander Weg, well I didn't know her at all, or at least I sure don't remember her. Oh but one thing I do remember about this whole event was my mother was upset because we didn't know I was going to have my picture in the paper and I was wearing this tacky old jacket. LOL Hey, that's life and it was a good life.

A Tonsillectomy - 1948

Was just going through some of my tubs where I just keep some of my old documents and odds and ends. Ran across this bill from Mercy Hospital in Muskegon, MI and about fell over what it cost back then to have one's tonsils removed. For a 3 day stay at Mercy Hospital it cost my mom and dad $42.00, but not all sure what the doctor had charged since I don't have that info. But I wonder what it cost to have this done today. I see that the operating room cost $10.00. Hey, I do love looking back on my memories from time to time. Some bad, but many good ones. And I would have to say the good far outnumber the bad ones.

Veterans Park - Charlotte

Veterans Park
What a great place to be on a hot and humid day. Here is this beautiful park here in Charlotte, the water is flowing.... the spray feels sooooo good....but no kids running through it....well at least not yet.

The Watermelon

I wonder how long before we can actually harvest this one...

The Beach - North Myrtle Beach, SC

Of course we must hit the beach while down there for the weekend. Air was 85 and the water was 79. It was a perfect day out on the beach and the water felt so good, just hated to get out.

173rd Airborne Brigade Reunion In North Myrtle Beach, SC

I was fortunate enough to view the Golden Knights landing on the beach in North Myrtle Beach, SC for the reunion of the 173rd Airborne Brigade. My daughter-in-law's grandfather was a Col. in the 173rd during Viet Nam. I attended their dinner with the Col. daughter and her husband and had an outstanding evening even though I was never a part of the 173rd. There were several war stories I heard during this event along with seeing old friends gather during this reunion.  I thank all of you for the great evening I had there with all of you. AIRBORNE!

Golden Knights & 173rd Airborne Reunion Celebration

Another perfect landing...

Two at a time...

The Golden Knight Team

Rolling Thunder...

One great bike as a memorial...

The Signs Of Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC