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Oak Island, NC

The lighthouse at the USCG Station Oak Island, NC. What a beautiful place. Such nice homes to rent and so quiet there. I must admit, it really is much nicer than Myrtle Beach. This is a must see if you ever get over to this area. 
USCG Station Oak Island, NC

The Drive-In

This was once a drive-in burger place and us guys would come here as often as we could. It wasn't only the burgers and the girls, but one could also get a cold beer served to your car with your food. I don't think there is anyone doing that sort of thing today. Now those were the good old days.

Saigon Sams

No matter how often I get over to Jacksonville, I'm always finding myself stopping here to pick up something, just anything to fulfill my wants for something of the past.
Saigon Sams - Jacksonville, NC

Surf Fishing In The Carolina's

An early start to some surf fishing here in the Carolina's

USO Club - Jacksonville, NC

So many memories of this USO club in Jacksonville. Spent a lot of time here and a great view of the river and marina from this site.

The Ark

The Ark in Jacksonville, NC. Another place to grab a good lunch.

Court Street, Jacksonville, NC

Where did they all go? The jewelry store? The bars? The restaurants? The clothing stores? But, as I stopped to walk and take a couple of pictures I could still hear the sounds, see the sights, and smell the food from my memories of Court Street. So many changes in the past 46 years... 

And of course, don't forget Old Bridge Street

Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Jacksonville, NC

This was new to me on this trip to Jacksonville. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, with a beautiful fountain and 600' of glass wall with 58,229 names of those who gave their all. 

And the name of a family member, Jerry Lee Ruiter
Vietnam Veterans Memorial

New River Shopping Center

The movie theatre.

I recall that this used to be Roses Department Store.

Used to be a laundromat here in this part of the shopping center.
A lot of things have changed since I was here in 1964. We use to come over to the shopping center to take in a movie or do our laundry while going to Field Medical School at Montford Point, now known as Camp Johnson,  at Camp Lejeune. So many memories, so long ago...

Beirut Memorial

This is the Beirut Memorial located at Camp Lejeune, NC.


A couple of jellyfish that have washed up on the beach.


This is the before picture.

These are the after pictures.

This is the first time I have gone crabbing and also ate crab. I must admit it was fun and the crab was very tasty, even though it's a lot of work to get what little meat there is there.

Lady Finger

Oh wow, this is really great. Someone finally brought home some of those illegal firecrackers, called the Lady Fingers. This was back in 1956, or there abouts, in Muskegon, MI. This was really cool stuff back then when you could shoot off some of those illegal firecrackers. And of course ma was hollering out the back door, "You're gonna blow your hands off." Yeah, right ma.....


Wingate University

When I get out and about and do a little exploring I find things that I just didn't know existed. Now here is the Matthews Campus of Wingate University. I always thought that it was only located in Wingate, NC. Hey, guess I was wrong. it just doesn't look like a campus at all. 

Dilworth Coffee House

This is one of their 12 locations around our area and it's located in Matthews. I think I will have to go in and buy some of their coffee one of these times. Need to try something different.
Dilworth Coffee

Matthews Town Hall

The Town Hall and Library for Mattews, NC

Real Low Clouds

Some pretty low clouds this day in Charlotte. This is the Duke Energy Center, 786' tall,  located uptown Charlotte and it's obvious that you cannot see the top of the building today.
Duke Energy Center

The Discovery Place

The "Rain Forest" at the Discovery Place in uptown Charlotte. They have finally completed all the remodeling and it's now ready to view and enjoy. It is just beautiful inside and so much for kids and adults to see and play with. We saw a 3-D movie about sharks and it was fantastic. So many neat exhibits to view and also very educational at the same time. A great place to visit as a family anytime.

Rudino's Pizza & Grinders - Charlotte

After spending a couple hours at the Discovery Place in uptown Charlotte, we stopped by Rudino's for a little lunch. Well after seeing that they serve grinders I knew I just had to stop here and try them out. Well we had a couple of grinders and a slice of pizza for my granddaughters. The food was fantastic. Even my granddaughters asked to go back again the next day. The staff was very friendly and the place is where you can walk in with your family and get a great meal and at a reasonable price. Hey, much better than a fast burger joint and it was only $5 more and we got so much more for the extra $5. This is a place you really need to try.

Assistant Editor's

My two assistant editors who may actually write better than me. The actually believe they are MY boss and get rather demanding at times. But they do help me with one my many flaws, one called patience. I guess in a way they are teaching me each day.


Now, if I could just get this computer to write for me since I'm sure it could do a much better job than me and some better pictures... then perhaps this blog could be much better. But I shall try to improve on these in the future. Hey, my computer, a cup of coffee, and doing this blog is a hobby for me and I do it for my enjoyment and hope others do enjoy some of the pictures. Hey, welcome to my world.