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Monday, August 9, 2010

Old Days

I joined the Navy and Feb, 1964 and after boot camp and Hospital Corps School I was transfered to the 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, NC. I was home on leave before going to Lejeune and at that time I left my Navy uniforms at home, except for one set of dress blues. My mother had taken them and wrapped them up in newspaper's and put them away in a cedar chest. Well I finally just now had them sent to me down here and sure enough, they were still in the newspaper that my mom had wrapped them in. I read that old paper and the kept only a couple of clippings out of it. And thus here are the old days.

Here are the clippings from the Muskegon Chronicle dated September 24, 1964.

WOW! Great price. Remember when McDonald's looked like that in the picture?

If only one could buy a new car today for that price.

And check out those prices on homes back then. Reading through the ad's of that paper I was shocked to see homes listed in there for whites and then some homes listed for blacks. I just never realized that Muskegon was like that back in 1964. I thought that was something you only saw down south, but I sure was wrong. To see that in print like that really made me think about all the segregation and peoples thinking back then. I mean it was 1964 and I didn't think that existed then. 

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