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Ahh yes, we have gone wireless.


Hey, we are wired here for everything here in Mt Pleasant NC. One can only hope that no truck comes through here with a tall load and takes the wires down. What a mess that would be.

The Depot

The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord NC. Talk about a huge antique store, wow, this is it. Been here a couple of times now and have bought a couple of items. Great place to just wonder through and just maybe one will find some unique gift. 
Click Here For More Info On The Depot

The Farmer

Found this at the Big Lick Antique Festival. May look mighty good on a porch up in Zeeland, MI

VOTE! Your Survival Depends Upon It

Just think about this when you go to vote this November 2010
* U.S. House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700 & $5,300 raises.
* They voted to NOT give you a S.S. cost-of-living raise in 2010 & 2011.
* Your Medicare premiums will go up $285.60 for the 2 years.
* You will not get the 3% COLA : $660/year
* Your total 2 year loss and cost is $1,600 or $3,200 for husband and wife.
* Over these same 2 years each Congress person will get an increase or $10,000.
* Do you now feel you are getting screwed over? Well you are.
* Will THEY have your cost of drugs, doctor feels, local taxes, food, etc. decrease?
* Congress received a raise and has better health & retirement benefits than you & me.
Why should they care about you?  You never did anything about it in the past. You  obviously are too stupid or don't care. Do you really think that Nancy, Harry, Chris, Barney, and the rest care about you? NO WAY! They could care less about you. Now is the time to se…

Charlotte Douglas Airport

On final to runway 23 

Ready to take off on 18C

A little busy here. While sitting here watching they were backed up 9-11 deep to take off.

On final to 23 or has is that crane lowering it down?

Ready to roll...

V1 and now Rotate...

Maverick... Call the ball

And here we are at the Wilgrove Airport (8A6) which is located about 3 miles from me. Not a whole lot of activity here but then again I have seen a couple of choppers come in here to practice so that makes this a pretty neat place to visit. 
Click Here For Info On Wilgrove Airport

Stanfield Barn Park

This is the Barn Park located in Stanfield, NC. Just another small community but yet so quaint and quiet. 
Click Here For The History Of Stanfield

Harvest Moon

The first day of fall 2010 and a full harvest moon. Sort of hard to believe that fall is here especially when it's suppose to get up to about 93 today. Love the warm weather down here and will take it over the winters up north, but sure would like for it to cool off a bit. This weekend things are suppose to change. Saturday still around 90 but Sunday hopefully down to 80 with rain, which we really need.

Food Lion Auto Fair - Charlotte Motor Speedway 8/27/2010

Bumper Cars - Food Lion Auto Fair

Ford Truck - Food Lion Auto Fair

This is the second time I have seen this truck at the Food Lion Auto Fair, and still wanting this truck. Oh yeah, I could just see one of the grandkids throwing something into the bed of this truck if I owned it. That might be the last thing they would ever throw again. LOL

Roush Mustang - Food Lion Auto Fair

A place to go and dream...
Click Here For Roush Performance

Tractors - Food Lion Auto Fair

1939 Gibson

These are just a few of the tractors that were on display at the Food Lion Auto Fair that I had gone to back on Aug 27, 2010. I still find these tractors very interesting even though I didn't grow up on a farm nor spend any extended time on a farm. It sure would be fun to own one of these though.

Police Surveillance

This is how they do a surveillance at parking lots here in Charlotte. I don't know how effective they are, but it would seem to me that they would be a great deterrent. Of course they aren't there all the time, they rotate throughout the area to different stores.

The Two Wolves

Early Flight

This is the only early morning flight I wish to catch...

The Deer

After which seems like many months, I finally saw the deer come back after a rainstorm. They still come back for the salt lick and the nuts that are on the ground there. Of course right now the leaves are out in full and so it's a little difficult to see them, but there are at least two here, one is back in the woods a bit on the right. I also saw a young fawn who wanted a taste of the salt lick, but the doe kicked her out of there. When I first saw this deer I thought it was a buck and after taking the pictures I still think I can see small antler's but I think they happen to blend in with the tree. 

N.C. Music Factory - Charlotte, NC

NC Music Factory

Wet Willie's

Black Bear
If you are looking for music and clubs then this is the place for you.

Mattie's Diner - Charlotte, NC

Now here is a real diner as I remember from the old days. You need to try it out if you are in the area. 

Walking Alone

Time to listen... Time to think... Time to seek... Time for yourself... Time to give thanks... Time to ask... Time to see...