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Carport, tableport, chairport, reelport. Just a port for anything in a storm.

World Trade Center

The Nest

Found this squirrels nest down below in the woods behind the house.

Concord Regional Airport Open House

Here is a model 328-100 Dornier Luftfahrt GMBH that actually belongs to Braun Racing.

Click Here For More Info On Braun Racing

Concord Regional Airport Open House

Talk about some mint condition trainer's.

Concord Regional Airport Open House

What a beautiful plane. Can't say much more than that of this B-17.

Concord Regional Airport Open House

Attended the open house at the Concord airport and it was mainly to see the B-17 there. But while walking around I did run into some other neat aircraft. Small but yet very nice open house. There are no commercial flights coming into this airport, just private and corporate planes. I do believe that most of the NASCAR team planes are kept here also.

The Dutch Deer Feeder

This is a 4" flexible sewer pipe 6' long, secured to the tree with wire. I put a cap on top to keep out the rain and this tube will hold about 20 lbs of corn. Seems to work pretty good, so now just waiting on the deer to return and enjoy the corn along with a salt lick I had put out for them. Cost me about $10, now that's being DUTCH. 


Now here is one fat and happy grasshopper.

Base Jump?

Base jump from this tower? You've got to be kidding me. That chute had better open quick and I do mean REAL quick.


I took these pictures of the practice session for the Bank Of America 500 race set to run on Saturday night, Oct 16, 2010, at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The nice thing about going to these practice sessions is that you get to see all the cars and it's all free. I still get a rush out of this event. I guess it's the speed of the cars and the noise. 

Face To Face With The "Monster"

Caught this praying mantis on the deck railing in the backyard. After seeing a face like that I decided to let him just pass on by. 

Downtown Waxhaw

A couple of pictures of Waxhaw NC as I was passing through today. A beautiful small town and I'm afraid my 3 pictures really don't do it justice. Much more to see here I'm sure and I will come back to explore some more of this fine town.

Ralf Freeman

I had walked through the cemetery before but didn't find his grave. Maybe it's unmarked or I didn't look hard enough. But I will go back to look again... Just so much fascinating history around this area. 
Anson County Rock River Baptist Church - Click Here

The Past

Guess these houses have been here awhile. Pretty run down with no potential to fix up either I'm sure. It's a part of someone's past life. They are located on Hwy 52 just north of Wadesboro NC.

Wadesboro Municipal Lake

This is an overflow for the lake.
I ran across this lake while driving south on Hwy 742 out of Wadesboro NC. Never knew they had a lake there and it was just beautiful today. I can only imagine how it will be when the leaves start changing color.

A Doe Napping

I caught this doe napping as I rode around the Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge . What a beautiful sight, but after a couple of minutes she was up on her feet and out of there.


Oh for the life of this turtle right now. Just lay out on a log and warm yourself in the sun.

Quiet Times

Total silence. No noises but nature. What a beautiful place to go to have a little quiet time to yourself and also explore the beauty and the wildlife that lives here. When you get a chance come on over to the Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge located on Hwy 52, just north of Wadesboro NC and south of Ansonville NC.
Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge

Old Southern Plantation Home

A beautiful bed and breakfast place located in Ansonville NC
Click Here For More Info On The Shady Oaks Plantation

The Stone Church

Episcopal Church on Hwy 52 in Ansonville NC.

A Home For Old Dad

Gotta come here from time to time to get revitalized.


This is about the only white stuff I want to see on the ground and it's called COTTON.

Mint Hill Madness

The parade for the Mint Hill Madness annual event. The parade ran for about 1 1/4 hours and was really nice. The one thing I have noticed about this parade, and other's I have seen down here, is that many churches participate in them. A lot of floats and kids from many different churches and it's really nice to see that. I just don't recall seeing that in the parades back in Michigan.