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Railroad Depot

The old depot

US Post Office of Polkton

Fire station of Polkton
Welcome to Polkton NC a small community at the junction of NC 218 and US 74
<Polkton NC>

Concrete Sewer Pipes That Have Style

Boring sewer pipe...

Sewer pipe that has style...

Just an outline...

A Stone Church

The Fountain Hill United Methodist Church

Pure White Blossoms

The flowering Dogwood out in the country.

The Tree Limb

What a great tree this would be for a swing, IF it was in our backyard and IF that limb was higher. It alway's seems to be IF...

How High's The Water Mama? Three Feet High And Risin'

Rocky River over near New Salem NC

Driving In & Around Charlotte NC

* You must be talking on your cell phone in order to drive and just focus on your phone call instead of driving.
* No need for any turn signals, let everyone else try to figure out if you really are going to turn and if so, which way. Make it a guessing game for them. And don't ever use a turn signal when changing lanes either.
* Speed limit signs are just a guideline for the minimum speed you can travel.
* Stop signs really just mean to slow down, sort of a rolling stop. You don't really have to come to a complete stop.
* Don't bother moving over for emergency vehicles even if they have their lights flashing and sirens going.
* Don't bother waiting to read that memo or letter at work or home, just read it while you are driving.
* You might as well get used of the tailgating. It's about the only most people know how to drive here.
* It's OK, go ahead, have one more for the road.
* When you are stopped at a red stop light and it turns green, you might want to wait a few…

Reaching For The Sky - Bucket Trucks Galore

Another gathering of bucket trucks, getting ready for the auction block. They appear to have these auctions about every 3-4 months in a parking lot of the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Just call me lost!

The Pit Crew Of Roush Fenway Racing

A practice session for the pit crews of Roush Fenway Racing in Concord. This pit stop area is set up at the Roush Fenway Racing complex near the airport in Concord. Maybe one doesn't appreciate how much hard work goes into a pit stop until you get to see it up close. These young men really bust butt in these stops. Really do admire and respect them; and at my age I'm rather envious of their ability to do this physical work. A thanks to the crews out there the day I stopped by, you made it a good day for this older fan.
<Roush Fenway Racing>

Charlotte Douglas Airport

Boy, you had better have a lot get-up-and-go because the big boy's are lined up behind you.

That boy ahead of me had better climb real high and mighty fast.

Dish Antenna

Now I'm thinking if I had this beauty in my backyard I'm sure I could pick up more channel than I do with my $40 indoor antenna from Best Buy. 

The Art Studio's In The Plaza Midwood Area

The Alternative Arts Tattoo Studio located on Central Ave in the Plaza Midwood area. I guess this area sort of reminds me of the NoDa area where you have a little bit of everything. It's really a neat area here which includes some good eating places. 
<Click Here For More Info On Alternative Art>
Not only the Alternative Arts Tattoo Studio here on Central Ave. but also you should check out the Twenty Two known for art, booze, music, and schmooze. You've gotta click on the links below to see what this place is all about.
<Twenty Two Reviews>
<Inside Picture Of Twenty Two>

The Coliseum


Did someone say party? Looks like someone is going to be throwing a BIG party near uptown Charlotte.

The Housing Project

A housing project located on South Tryon. It reminds me of one back in Muskegon MI where a friend of mine lived, Ruddiman Terrace.

A Buck And A Tree

My guess was that it was some buck rubbing his antlers up against this tree.

A Tree With An Abnormal Growth

I don't have a clue as to what this is, but it sure doesn't look too healthy for this tree. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

The "Back 40"

What it's like way out in back of the house. Plenty of woods and a walking paths that have recently been cleared.


We are still getting some deer coming to the back of the house. This one appears to me to be a rather small deer. Glad to see that they are still coming by, guess I had better get some corn out there for them.

The Fallen Tree

About a month ago we heard a large crash that came from the "back 40". Well since there are no roads out there and we had some very strong winds at that time, it had to be a tree that made that noise. Well after finally getting out there and taking a look, I found it. It was a good 40' to 50' tree that had fallen, not real large in diameter but still good size.

The view from the hammock.
Got the yard cut, trimmed, edged, seeded, and fertilized. Now ready for the rain that we are suppose to get tomorrow or Tuesday. Right now its sunny and 75.

Coffee Break

Stop and get a cup of coffee at Central Coffee located on Louise Ave and Central Ave.
<Central Coffee Of Charlotte>

Sandwich Anyone?

In need of a sandwich? Looks like this is the place to stop and get it. Stackers Sandwich Shoppe, located on Central Ave here in Charlotte.

WCNC News Channel 36

One of our local TV stations located just off the Billy Graham Parkway.
<WCNC News Channel 36>

Serenity Now

The Serenity Church located on South Tryon

Hybrid Electric Bus In Charlotte

The new Sprinter Hybrid Electric bus that goes between uptown and the airport. Suppose to get approximately 50% better fuel economy than standard buses.