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Driving In & Around Charlotte NC

* You must be talking on your cell phone in order to drive and just focus on your phone call instead of driving.

* No need for any turn signals, let everyone else try to figure out if you really are going to turn and if so, which way. Make it a guessing game for them. And don't ever use a turn signal when changing lanes either.

* Speed limit signs are just a guideline for the minimum speed you can travel.

* Stop signs really just mean to slow down, sort of a rolling stop. You don't really have to come to a complete stop.

* Don't bother moving over for emergency vehicles even if they have their lights flashing and sirens going.

* Don't bother waiting to read that memo or letter at work or home, just read it while you are driving.

* You might as well get used of the tailgating. It's about the only most people know how to drive here.

* It's OK, go ahead, have one more for the road.

* When you are stopped at a red stop light and it turns green, you might want to wait a few seconds before taking off because there are way too many people who believe it's OK to run red lights.

* When it comes to cars merging onto the highway, don't think about moving over to the left hand lane and let them in, make them take a few risk with their merging. And those who are merging, you might want to get your speed up instead of going 35 mph. 

Arrrgghh !!!


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