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Will It Fly? Sure, On A Wing And A Prayer

I just know it will fly. All we need is a little fuel and fire this puppy up and we off, as soon as the prop clears all the weeds away. Found this plane sitting in an old hanger on Mill Grove Road.

Food Lion Auto Fair - 1951 Hudson

Driving this one would be like driving a big boat. Wow, a lot of car here.

Disc Plow

I think it may take a little bit of doing to get this old plow working again.

Strawberry Time

Just for a friend up in Indiana. Hope you enjoy it. Have 2 buckets of them...


I ran across this small church while driving down US 52 towards Wadesboro. There were a lot of weeds growing up around it and no real clear path to drive in there, so I'm guessing that it's not used anymore. But none the less they did have a cemetery behind it and I did find some rather interesting headstones. 

Ernest died at the age of 14 months plus a few days.

Lee R was born 18 months after Ernest died, and then he died at the age of 6 months plus a few days. 

Grover F was born 10 months after Lee R died, and then he died at the age of 3 days.

James Jr was bron 6 years and 2 months after Grover F died, and then he died at the age of 6 months plus a few days.
I just found it rather strange that these 4 babies all died so young. All from the same family. How sad.

Food Lion Auto Fair - $1200 Baby Stroller

Food Lion Auto Fair - Factory Five

Lilacs Going Wild

Ran across this tree with lilacs growing wild over it while passing through Polkton. Note: Thanks to a fellow blogger I stand corrected here. These are actually known as wisteria, and I do thank him for the correction. Goes to show you my knowledge of plants and flowers. Hey, one can always learn something new. I thank you for informing me of this correction.


And the seagrass is doing great also

The Peach Tree

And our peach trees are coming along just fine

Food Lion Auto Fair - 1989 Chevrolet Caprice - Skittles Car

Food Lion Auto Fair - Food II

Now this was some of the best cider I have ever had.

Don't count those calories...just go for that funnel cake....nothing like it...

Food Lion Auto Fair - 1932 Ford Roadster

Oh how I would just love to have this car... A real chick magnet... LOL

Frank Liske Park

What a beautiful park here. Acres and acres of grass for the kids to run in. Many playgrounds for them to play in also, not to mention the paddle boats. 

Food Lion Auto Fair - 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe

Food Lion Auto Fair - 1933 Ford "Vicky"

Food Lion Auto Fair - 1947 Mercury

First Rose Of The Year

The roses are coming out... Love this