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Gold Hill Cemetery - Gold Hill NC

I love the quote on this one, 
"Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"


I thought it was rather strange to see a table at a grave site.

to the memory of 
Mary M. Mauney
Daughter of 
David & Susannah McMackin
and Consort of V. Mauney
who was born 13th June A.D. 1827
and departed this life 
3rd October A.D. 1850.

She was a member of the
M.E. Church and a professor 
of Religion.

She fell a victim to that fatal
disease - Consumption, 
and died in full and certain
hope of Eternal Life.

She has gone to the mansions of rest.
From a region of sorrow and pain;
To the glorious land of the blessed
Where she can never sorrow again."

She died at the age of 23 and of alcohol? Well perhaps not. A friend of mine was kind enough to check out the word consumption, as I should have, and told me that it also means " a progressive wasting away of the body especially from pulmonary tuberculosis" which I think makes more sense considering the year she died and her age.

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