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Avon Calling

An Avon store? I don't ever recall seeing one before, but then again, I guess it would make good sense. 

The Lunch Box

I stopped and had lunch here after my visit to the North Carolina Transportation Museum here in Spencer NC. Great place to come and have your lunch. A very wide choice from the menu, reasonable, clean, friendly, and good food PLUS Nehi Grape drink. Can't can't ask for much more than that. So, if you get over this way be sure to stop in at the Lunch Box.

The Tower

First Presbyterian Church Bell Tower Park in Salisbury NC

Sign Of The Times

Closed for good? Whole place for sale? Sort of hate to see these "Mom & Pop" places go out of business.  

Sinclair Gasoline

I remember the old Sinclair gas stations back when I was a boy. I remember my dad did all the electrical work for Sinclair's dock, on the Grand River, and storage tanks back up in Ferrysburg MI. This old station I ran across was in Gold Hill NC. Maybe they are gone but not forgotten. 

Keep Cool

Hey, during the heat waves we have had so far this summer, you really need to keep your car cool. Then I saw this sign in Salisbury NC.... Rather humorous but yet fitting... 

Creature Of The Night

I was actually going out to take a picture of the sky this night, but something else got my attention out of the corner of my eye. Whew, thank goodness I stopped and focused on what was hanging between the patio canopy and the table umbrella. If I had walked into that I would have gone ballistic. 

Invasion Of The Vine

If one was to sit here long enough they too would be engulfed by "THE VINE".

Short Mailbox

The the little clown mailbox, which I assume is waiting for the little clown car to deliver the little clown mail. 

Birkdale Village - Huntersville

Looking for a unique shopping experience? Then come to Birkdale Village located in Huntersville. Click HERE for more information about Birkdale and all the stores located there. 

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Fish Camp

Welcome to Jones Creek Fish Camp located on US 52.  It's located between Wadesboro and Morven.

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The Katydid  Pterophylla Camellifolia

Click HERE for more information on the Katydid

Family Ties

Cannon Towels

The final resting place of some of the Cannon family that had started the Cannon Mill in Kannapolis NC. Do you remember the Cannon Towels?  Click HERE for a little bit of the history of the Cannon Mill.

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Dale Earnhardt Statue

Gold Hill NC

 Click HERE for more information on Gold Hill NC

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UFO's - Close Encounter Of The 1st Kind - My First Encounter

Actually, this is a jet coming into the Charlotte Douglas Airport and is probably about 8-10 miles away from me here. I took it around 8 PM.

The Truck

Now here is a TRUCK!

Click HERE to see what Morrison Motor Co. has available.

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Stonewall Jackson Training School

I have made several posting along with pictures before about this place. I have also heard from a couple of gentlemen who spent time there years ago, and they gave a very brief description of what it was like there during those years. And just from what I heard, I guess I would really have to question the part in the plaque about "THE GIVING OF A CHANCE TO THE BOYS OF THE STATE WHO NEED IT'S CARE AND DIRECTION". What kind of care did they really get? Was it what they deserved? And how did you give them the direction? I thank those who did post a comment on here in regards to this place and telling me what it really was like and hopefully others read your postings. 

The bridge that goes over Old Charlotte Road from the old training school to a church, which may have been the only sanctuary they ever had there. 

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