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The Bayou

"There's no next time. It's now or never."

And that it is...

Rocky River

This is probably one of my most favorite spots when I take a ride out into the country.

Aberdeen Carolina & Western Railway Co

They sure looked like brand new locomotives but then from reading their website I guess they have just been refurbished. Sure do look nice though. Click HERE to read more about this railway company.

Fish House

The Rock River Springs Fish House. Looks like a neat place to go for dinner sometime. 


A front passing through the area.


Is this the same as "Suck Up"? Like, he is a real suck up at work. Mmmmm guess not. Click HERE to view the Sukup website. 

Boyce Motometer

A thermometer for a radiator's vapor

Click HERE to read more about the Boyce Motometer.

Private Dinning Car

Pretty fancy place to eat back in the day's of rail travel.

Bridge Repair On The Yadkin River

The bridge on highway 150 going over the Yadkin River, just north of Spencer NC

Island In The Sky

On the Yadkin River just outside Spencer NC

Old Bridge Over The Yadkin River

Where a bridge once crossed over the Yadkin River into Spencer NC

Railroad Turntable

U.S. Army Hospital Car


This took place at the Bull Hole in River Park located in Cooleemee NC. All I could think was OUCH! This place looked so inviting but I think I should leave this part of to the younger crowd. 

Railroad Control Center

Stop that runaway train...

Before I-Phone There Was...

Talk about a communication center... Well this is it...

Red Pig BBQ

The BBQ was ok, but I guess my expectations were higher since I had found this neat "mom and pop" place out in the country and thought I would get the best pork BBQ around. Hey, I would still go back to eat again cause this place has character.

Exercise Machine

Now here is something that would give you one heck of a workout. Talk about building up those arms, thighs, and getting rid of that stomach. I'm sure this one did just that and more. 

Before Fedex

Ah yes, before all those Fedex jet's and those brown trucks running around town, there was the Railway Express Agency

Oh No!

Well, I guess it sounded like a good idea at first. Yes, drive this van down the hill in the back of my house to the brand new fence I had just installed at the bottom of the hill. Still don't know why he really did this, but none the less he did it. He then spent about 5 hours trying to get it back up the hill. Nothing but bad luck. Had to take more sections of the fence out. Mmmm if he backs it further down into the woods he can get a good running start and make it up the hill. NOPE! No such luck. Then under the moonlight the tow truck appeared out of the darkness. And finally, up the hill he goes at 9 PM. Now I really wonder what that cost for the tow truck. 

The Good Shepherd

Cooleemee NC

This was once a thriving town when the cotton mill was here. Today there are still many people living here in this very neat but small community. The pictures of the downtown area. This is all there is to this town, other than a few more stores down the road aways. Click HERE for the towns website.