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Pennsylvania Soldiers

A memorial for the Pennsylvania soldiers who died in the Confederate prison in Salisbury NC during the Civil  War. 

Those Who Gave Their All

Fourth Marine Division

To the Marines who lay here... Rest in Peace...

One Country - One Flag

Salisbury National Cemetery

Gone but never forgotten...

Hallowed Ground

As I walked through these grounds I had to think about each person that was here. Who were they? They were someone's son, daughter, mom, dad, uncle, or friend who gave their all for their country. We salute each and every one of you and especially those who are serving our country today. May God bless all of you. I was in total awe as I looked out over the area where there are 11,700 soldier buried in trenches. 

Daniel Boone's Parents Grave

Whenever I thought or read about Daniel Boone I just always associated that family with Kentucky. Little did I realize that his parents came to North Carolina to live. Here in Mocksville NC are graves of his folks.

A Bridge Too Far?

A bridge or part of the dam that gave away at some point in time?

The Slide

Now to me, this looks like a really fun and neat thing to do. BUT, if I were to try it they would be calling in for an air evac. Another fun day at the Bull Hole in Cooleemee NC.


The dam on the Yadkin River near Cooleemee NC.

The Swimming Hole

So since the pool is closed in town, they at least have this neat swimming hole here in River Park in Cooleemee NC.

Charlotte Diesel Super Show

This is one show I will be sure to see this fall. Just have to see these big rigs all decked out. The show is on Oct 7 & 8th. Whew, one week after THE WEDDING. Now if it had been a week earlier then I would have had a problem. THE WEDDING or the truck show? 


You want privacy? I can only imagine using this toilet on the one rail car way back when... I guess everyone either sat there and watched you or just tried to ignore you. 

Community Pool

Rather sad to see this beautiful huge pool sitting empty like this during such a hot summer. But then again one must also realize the cost to operate and how cities just don't have the money for these luxuries.