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Monday, November 28, 2011


When I catch the smell of the ocean it brings back so many memories. I was down at Myrtle Beach for a wedding and sitting outside watching the ocean and enjoying the warm gentle breeze off of it. The smell is what floods my mind with memories of when I was stationed at Camp Lejeune. I remember being on the USS Wood County (LST-1179) heading to the Caribbean for a cruise. Sitting back on the fantail late at night, just the moon shinning, and hearing the propeller churning the water and seeing the wake of the ship. Or sitting on a hill on Vieques PR with some Marines and few cold beers watching the F4's coming in for their bombing runs they did on the end of the island. It's that smell that brings all these memories back, I guess this is what I really love about the ocean. I can go back in time, to a time that I so loved and miss. 

Memories are like a garden carried in the heart.

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