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Eat Your Greens

Get your collard greens here

It's that time of the year... get ready for New Year's Eve

Need A Drink?

Don't forget about Emma's, now I'm not all sure what beverages you can get here, maybe a brew to go?

Dollar Spot

Gotta wonder what this place is all about.

Meat Market

Old Country Store

Belt Sale

Merry Christmas

The above photo is by Richard Khanlian

Christmas Eve

Christmas In Oakboro NC

Small city park here in Oakboro

Main street in Oakboro

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Christmas In Mt Gilead NC

My guess is that this has to be a great place to have a burger

No "big box" store here, just a local hardware store. How refreshing for a change.

Cash & Dash

This is Cash and Dash NOT Gas and Dash. If you do that you will go to jail.

The Pines

A Tree And The Waterway

The Beautiful Snowy Egret

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Map of where the pictures were taken in the Vereen Memorial Garden & Park in Little River SC

Old Wasp Home

Intracoastal Waterway


Once Adrift


A few jellyfish washed up on shore here in the Vereen Park, Little River SC

The Trawler

I guess if I were able to afford a boat then I would want this one, but then I would want to live on it full time also.

Need A Tow?