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Moving? Living in it?

I really don't think one could fit much more in here. I'm not even sure the driver has much room to move. They sure won't be picking up any hitchhikers. 

BJ's Wholesale Club

Instead of Sam's or Costco, I go to BJ's. Click HERE to learn more about BJ's.

Yard Stuff

If you want things for your yard, such as ornaments or patio furniture, then this is the place to go. Click HERE to read more about what Garden Ridge has to offer.

Cajun Meal

Care for a Cajun meal? Then try this place out. Click HERE to read more about Razzoo's.

A Sandwich?

In the mood for a great sandwich? Then this is the place. But, it's not just limited to a sandwich, they do have much more and the food is really great. Click HERE to read more about McAlister's.

Mexican Food

Have a need for some Mexican food? Then try Charanda here by the Concord Mills Mall in Concord NC. Click HERE to read more about Charanda.

Family Buffet Restaurant

An good place to eat with the family and it won't cost you a fortune. Click HERE to read more abut Ryan's.

The Ducks

A little ice forming along the shores edge.

Frog Pond

Just when I think I have been everywhere...

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Auto's With Potential

Now this auto lot also has some newer cars, but it was these older ones that caught my attention. I have a feeling that the garage next to here may restore car's like this one.

The Carolina Route

The Heron's Own Island

You can see the Heron on the right hand of the island


Now here is a carload of lumber and I'm sure one could build one heck of a house out of all this. Now I'm getting more curious about what train cars belong to who and who made this product. I found Carrier Lumber and they are located in British Columbia Canada. Click HERE to read all about Carrier Lumber. It's funny, lumber from British Columbia heading to somewhere here in North Carolina?

How Highs The Water Mama?

Rocky River just outside Oakboro. The water was pretty high this time out there. Usually it's pretty low and one could just about walk across it.

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Map of where the pictures were taken

Tank Car - TILX 194950

So in my spare time, which I seem to have a lot of, I decided to Google the letters and number of this tank car. Well low and behold, I get a hit  on Google and find out all sorts of information about this tank car. Now I'm not going to put all that information here because it's not info I have created, it belongs to someone else. So, if you will just click HERE then you can read about what they have written up about this tank car. I do know it is owned by the Trinity Industries Leasing Company (TILX). I just found this to be sort of interesting; and so now you know, it doesn't take much to entertain me.

Art Train

On my way back to Charlotte from Myrtle Beach I was going through Polkton NC and had to stop at the railroad crossing for a freight train. I got wondering who, where, and when were the spray paintings done. What are they saying? So thus the "Art Train", or a poor man's art train.

Click HERE to see more photos of this engine, CSX 4539. There is a website that has many pictures of engines and various cars on it. They show a picture and the location where it was taken. 

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Morning Sunrise

Looks like another great day ahead...

Norwood NC

City park here in Norwood

Downtown Norwood

I didn't realize that Michelin tires were even made here in NC until I took one of these back roads to Norwood.

Also stopped in on a livestock auction while passing through Norwood.

The Diner

Perhaps a good place to grab a quick burger...

Abandoned School

I will need to come back here to get closer to that water tower. It sets back in the woods a bit from the school and I would love to get some better shots of it. I think I will also need to invest in some combat boots and a walking stick for some protection.

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Country Church

A unique design for a headstone

Reflection Or Real Thing

Is that a view of the trees or just a reflection in the water. Some quiet time here in the Pee Dee Wildlife Refuge.


All kinds of fireworks, whatever you want, they have it. Careful kid, you'll blow your fingers off.

Apartments With A View

These apartments overlook uptown Charlotte.