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Father's Day

My Dad... my beginning with my dad back in our apartment located on Apple Ave and Stevens St in Muskegon MI. Started out working at Continental Motors on "the hill" in the test cells for aircraft engines. Later on went to work for his dad as an electrician and from there they had their own company, Ruiter Electric Company.

My dad up at the old "Deer Shanty" located about 10 miles out of Rudyard MI. I really think this was one of his many favorite places for a vacation. Out in the backwoods, with a trout stream across the dirt road, total silence, and the wildlife.

Our first trip, of several, to the West. Hey, no fancy motels back then, just cabins. I remember the one, where my dad is standing in front of, had a TV BUT it was coin operated. Well there was no way my dad was going to pay for TV when he already payed for the cabin. So, him being an electrician, he removed the back of the TV and re-wired around the coin box. Then free TV for the night. Just one of those things I will never forget. What he didn't go through to save a quarter. LOL

My dad and my brother camping up at the Traverse City MI State Park. And yes, I still remember you taking my brother to the Canary Islands shortly after I had left home. :) I still remind my brother of that from time to time.

(L to R) My grandfather, dad, uncle, and my dad's uncle. 

And whever we had steak for dinner it had to be fixed on the grill outside, no matter what the weather was. 

Another trip out West.

My dad and his fishing buddies up at Dr. Holly's cabin in Canada. Every year they would fly in there for a week of fishing. 

One of his pleasures in life was fishing... and he was a great fisherman. Here he is up in Canada with his catch.

You traveled to many places in Europe, then the Holy Lands, and also Africa. You had a good life dad and you worked hard for all that. 

Yes, my dad has passed on, but has left so many good memories... Thanks dad for all you had given my brother and me. 
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