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Old Water Tower

The Cat House

Well, he is a cat... and I assumed that the opening there in the building was his thus, the cat house.


Looks like a wide selection here...

Shoot, I wouldn't be on one of these for 5 minutes and I would get hit by some car.... No thanks. My days on a motorbike and/or motorcycle are over. I had my 4 wheeler when I was younger and loved it and had a ball riding the trails. 

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken

Great chicken... Click HERE to read more about them and to see their menu.

Days Of Thunder

Beyond Fixer Upper

WAY BEYOND being able to fix these up...


Smooth landing at the Charlotte Douglas airport...

Lunch Time At BarBee's Bar-B-Que

Click HERE to read more about BarBee's. I just need to stop here and try it out once. The next time through I will make a point of having lunch here.

Child Care Gone By The Wayside

No more the sounds of children laughing, yelling, talking, or crying..... Now there is just silence.

Long John Silver's

We have here in Charlotte but it's about a 25 minute drive and plus it's in with a KFC, so not a full menu.

Click HERE for more info and to see their menu.

Landing in Charlotte

The Twilight Zone....

Charlotte Skyline from the Charlotte Douglas Airport

I guess there is just something about the Charlotte skyline that fascinates me. But to see it at night with all the lights is really something else. 

Fencing For Charlotte Douglas Airport

They have now added razor fence to the perimeter of the airport...

What this is saying to you is, keep out of here unless you want to get cut up really bad.

You try crossing this and you will need more than a few band-aids...

Hendrick Motorsports

Such a true statement on the pedestal... 


Even if you aren't into NASCAR, this place is really worth seeing when you get down to the Charlotte area. What amazes me is the garage where they build the cars and how clean and neat it is. I swear you could go in there and eat off the floor. Click HERE to read more about Hendrick Motorsports.

The Brethren of Caroline

This group was in the 4th of July, 2012, parade in Harrisburg NC. Their dress, their mannerism, their float was very impressive and so well done. I just had to do a few more pictures of this group and below are two links so you can read more about them. Please visit their sites.
Click HERE to read more about "The Brethren of Caroline". 
Click HERE to read more about "Pirate Mania Parties".

Ahhh yes, Barnacle Bill leading the way.

Captain Jack, is that you?

Charlotte Knights

We sure picked a hot night to attend our first game of the Charlotte Knights. The game started at 7:15 PM and the temp was still around 94, extremely humid, and absolutely no air movement. It was so bad that I really wanted to buy this one vendor's case of cold drinks so I could put my hand and feet in the ice. Hey, first time here and really did enjoy the stadium and game. Now I'm wondering why they want a new stadium in uptown Charlotte.

The main entrance.

The concourse was so clean and enough food and drink vendors spread out on it. I guess what amazed me was the prices on food. It really wasn't bad at all, $3 for a regular hot dog and $3.50 for a Coke. Although I thought that $3.50 for water was a bit on the pricey side, but all in all a family can have a great time here and have some eats and drinks without going bankrupt. 

It really is a nice stadium. Very clean and enough staff to keep in running smoothly.

Beautiful field.

Our Charlotte Knights team and mascot, Homer. Cl…

33+ 3/4" x 66' 3M Electrical Tape

Is that 33+ tape made here?

The Fly

A Real Porker

What more can one say... Except that maybe "Not in my yard..."


Standing there all alone... No markers, no name, but I assumed it's the grave of a baby... 

4th of July 2012 Celebrated in Harrisburg NC

If you want to get out and celebrate the 4th of July, this is the place to come, Harrisburg NC. A very clean and family oriented celebration. We had gone to the parade in the morning and once again, it was great. I guess the one thing that really impresses me is that the Harrisburg Presbyterian Church had put out chairs for anyone to sit on, gave away free water and watermelon, plus had their restrooms open to the public. But then, not only that, they actually had people walking through the crowd with the cold water serving it to those who wanted it. I see this as just a part of what a church is all about, and these people have gone above and beyond. I really want to thank them and the city of Harrisburg. GREAT 4TH OF JULY!. Click HERE to read more about the Harrisburg Presbyterian Church Click HERE to learn more about Harrisburg NC.

Ah yes, and in the center is Captain Jack Sparrow, my favorite in the parade.

Out here serving others...