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Monday, July 9, 2012

Charlotte Knights

We sure picked a hot night to attend our first game of the Charlotte Knights. The game started at 7:15 PM and the temp was still around 94, extremely humid, and absolutely no air movement. It was so bad that I really wanted to buy this one vendor's case of cold drinks so I could put my hand and feet in the ice. Hey, first time here and really did enjoy the stadium and game. Now I'm wondering why they want a new stadium in uptown Charlotte.

The main entrance.

The concourse was so clean and enough food and drink vendors spread out on it. I guess what amazed me was the prices on food. It really wasn't bad at all, $3 for a regular hot dog and $3.50 for a Coke. Although I thought that $3.50 for water was a bit on the pricey side, but all in all a family can have a great time here and have some eats and drinks without going bankrupt. 

It really is a nice stadium. Very clean and enough staff to keep in running smoothly.

Beautiful field.

Our Charlotte Knights team and mascot, Homer. Click HERE to go to the Charlotte Knights home page. Our team is an Triple-A league for the Chicago White Sox.

Saturday night they were playing the Norfolk Tides, who are the Triple-A  league for the Baltimore Orioles. Click HERE to go to their home page. 

It's a small world. There is number 7 of the Norfolk Tides, Nate McLouth, who was born in Muskegon Mi and graduated from Whitehall High School. Click HERE to read more about Nate McLouth. 

In the end, the Charlotte Knights lost to the Norfolk Tides, 10 - 6.
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