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Snappy the Snapper

Every now and then we seem to get some unusual critters in our yard.

Pampas Grass

This plant has really taken off this year. My guess is that it's around 12' to 14' tall right now. We had planted it last year and forgot to trim it in December, but this year it WILL get trimmed.

Birds Paradise

I think I will need to go back here and pick up a couple of these birdhouses, providing they aren't that expensive.

Louisville Slugger Reject?

From what I was told, these were factory rejects, for one reason or another, from the Louisville Slugger. 


Of course you can see that this one is about as crooked as a dog's hind leg.

The Mermaid

What can one say about this one... well except I didn't buy 4 of them, just 1.

Rola Bottling Company

I ran across these wooden cases at an antique store and thought they might be turned into a bookcase or magazine rack of some type. These come from the Rola Bottling Co located in Erie PA. We have 3 cases and all filled with empty bottles, which are in mint condition. We will see how this all turns out. Click HERE to read another Blog about Erie PA and this Rola Cola.

And another day comes to a closing...


Smilin' Sam From Alabam - The Salted Peanut Man
This is a cast iron mechanical bank. I need to go back and find one that actually works. I think they are from the 1950's and there was another one that would dispense peanuts when you pulled it's tongue. I can only guess that there was once a peanut company associated with this, but haven't seen any history about it. I see them on e-Bay running anywhere from $20 to $60.

God, Country, and the Corps

A cold day in...

A bit of a chill in the air? In North Carolina? During August? I sort of doubt it...

Strange Beetle

The Grapevine Beetle

A Storm Is A Brewing

Waiting for it to move in...

S.W. & C.S. Davis General Store

I just happened to catch some NC travel documentary on one of our local TV station's one night and this guy was travelling around NC and visiting old stores and the like here in NC. Well one of them happened to be this general store and since it was rather close I thought I would take a ride out and see it myself. Well, when you walk in there, it is like stepping back into the early 1900's. It is really neat to see. Lot's of different things available here that you just will not see in the big box stores. Click HERE to read the history of this store.

Attack of the Beetle

One mean looking critter... On the defense here... But I recall that pinching bugs were black in color, I'm really not sure what type of beetle this is.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. No. 88

I was really hoping to see the car he had won the race with in Michigan, The Dark Knight? Maybe they will put it here on display one day soon.

The Little Mermaids

Now just where in the world would I put one of these? Maybe it belongs down at the beach.


Once again I went to Chick-fil-A today not only to get a good lunch, but also to show support for Dan Cathy and his right to think and speak out about what he believe's and that was the biblical definition of a family unit. This is HIS RIGHT to think and speak out about, plus I also happen to agree with his position on marriage. And so there I was, at Chick-fil-A and the traffic was VERY HEAVY at 11 AM today. Car's wrapped around the building and car's parked in the parking lot across from the restaurant. Hey, not only do they have great food, but the customer service is the best I have ever had at a fast food restaurant.