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Scenic Virginia

Scenes along the road in southern Virginia.

Tobacco Road

A tobacco field up near Mouth of Wilson VA.

Blowing Rock NC

Click HERE to read about the legend of Blowing Rock. What a view but the only problem is when I was here it was a foggy day. I will have to come back and shoot some pictures when there are clear blue skies and lots of sunshine.

Mountain Sunset

A sunset in Blowing Rock. Picture was taken from the Canyons Restaurant in Blowing Rock NC. Click HERE to read more about the Canyon Restaurant. A place that has great food and is reasonable to feed the family. The view is worth every dollar.

Linville Caverns

A great place to visit and to tour the caverns. Click HERE to read more about the Linville Caverns.

 The trout that live in the stream inside the cave are actually blind due to living in darkness.

A long drop through this grate... like a bottomless pit.

Morven Cemetery

What a neat sundial.

Such a talented person and to die so young.

R.I.P Marine

And another woodworker...

Polkton NC

And just up from the corner of Gaddy St and Fremont St., is the Polkton United Methodist Church.

A Hideaway

Way out in the boonies...hidden behind some trees lies this fixer upper... I think it may even come with this cow.

Wagon Wheel Grill

The Wagon Wheel Grill located in Marshville NC. Good food and great service.