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Analysis from Canada on the Conn. School Shootings

Blood is on The Hands of the LEFT
By: Howard Galganov, Canadian writer December 14, 2012

I was just about to publish my latest editorial... on Canada's Supreme Court
decision to suspend Freedom of Speech in favor of promoting one language

What happened at Sandy Hook School takes precedence over any language issues
in Canada and a failed Judicial System in both our countries.

I won't waste words describing my feelings, because how I feel is
indescribable about 27 people murdered, (20 young children and six adults at
the school),the murder of the shooter's mother beforehand, then the cowardly
suicide of the shooter at the school as law enforcement closed in.


It didn't happen because of the so-called gun culture, or because of poor
security at the school. It happened because of the modern LEFTIST culture
that has been busy removing all semblance of personal responsibility and
respect from our lives.

It happened because of the Hollywood and television types who lecture the
Conservatives on how people should live, while they make FORTUNES producing
absolute FILTH and VIOLENCE in their movies, videos and television programs.

It happened because of reality TV shows that demean humanity, along with
shows that make people laugh at the pain and humiliation of others.

The senseless murders happened because multi-millionaire computer game
producers create UGLY digital scenarios that poison young minds with abject
depravity and gratuitous violence.

It happened because the school system doesn't teach values, and promotes the
idea that 'anything goes.' And that all people are equal, regardless of the
truth. And that no one ever fails.

It happened because LEFTISTS won't allow concerned and loving parents to
discipline their children, or raise their children in the time-honored way
they feel is right.

It happened because far too many Liberals spend their time and effort
ridiculing and attacking the people who want to live by the lessons of the
Bible and the Torah.

In truth, this and other horrible acts of violence happen because our
society-- from the entertainment industry to schools to the media and to our
governments-- have created the social and cultural foundation that is eating
away at both Canada and the United States like a cancer.

I know that what I am writing will inflame those on the LEFT, but that's
OK-- because if they don't like it, they can ROT in HELL along with the
demons and losers of their own creation. I want my old country's values back

Values like standing in school when an adult entered the room. Like being
seriously disciplined for bad behavior. Like when we were measured by our
successes and failures. When not everyone had to waste years of his or her
life going to college to study basket weaving instead of taking a trades
course or going to work or the service right after high school. When your
Mom was a caring woman and your Dad was a real man, an authority in the home
 And when there weren't vulgar parades extolling the "virtues" of being gay.
If you want to stop the sickness . . . IT'S TIME TO STOP THE LEFT.

In sadness . . . Howard Galganov

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