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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

USS Wood County (LST-1178)

I was aboard this ship Apr-Jun 1965 for operation Quick-Kick VII down at Vieques PR. We were actually scheduled to go to a jungle survival school down in Panama, but never made it there. While on the island of Vieques we were called back to the ship and departed for the Dominican Republic. Our first mission was to evacuate American civilians and bring them to San Juan PR and then after that we went back and made our landing. Stayed up on the polo grounds for about 4-5 days in the pouring rain. Oh wow, talk about miserable. Had to sleep just sitting on your helmet with your poncho covering you. No tents, no other cover. After that we moved to a local neighborhood in Santo Domingo, just up from some hotel on the ocean. We then spent the rest of our time in this one man's backyard. This other Corpsman and I, along with our Lt. made friends with him and his family. He actually was a teacher at the local college there. Very nice family and interesting man. They treated us well and his wife even made me a birthday cake while we were there. There are many stories about our time there, but perhaps they shouldn't be written at this time. There were good times and then there were good times..... 

The times on the USS Wood County were really great. Good living conditions and a couple of great ship Corpsman who we could work with. Many good memories of that cruise...

The USS Wood County (LST-1178) in the mothball fleet up on the James River in VA. Finally scrapped in July 2002 in Brownsville TX. 
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