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Winter has arrived here in Charlotte NC

Snow? Yes, we actually got snow down here last night. It's now 9:45 AM and it's only 24 deg here and our high is suppose to get up to about 32. 

This is what I wish to see... BUT...

This is what we really have here. About an 1" or 1.5" of that white stuff.

Tall Pine

Reaching for the sky


Leaving ones footprint on the beach...

Tough Decision

Mmm, which one should I buy? :)  Which one do I really want? :) Which one is really cool? :)  Which one can I afford? :(

Let the water flow

Another of one of many fountains in the Charlotte area.

A peaceful snowy day...

Clear blue skies yet snow is falling...

A little eerie...

What's with all the white spots?

These boots were made for walking....

I see the boots, but...


Another sunrise coming up over North Myrtle Beach SC. The beauty of this is that every sunrise is different. 

Religion or Spirituality

Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell. 
Spirituality is for those who have already been there.

Vine Deloria Jr., Sioux

88 - Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Go Junior... Drive it like you stole it....

Pool Table

Went to the International Auto Show here in Charlotte and found my pool table. A Mustang pool table, oh how cool. 

Sprint Car Testing

More fun at the Charlotte Motor Speedway watching them test a newer Sprint Car. Enjoyed the view from the clubhouse and it was just a great day. Taken on Dec 11, 2013.

NASCAR Sprint Car Testing at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Got to go and watch the teams test a new Sprint Car for NASCAR out at the Charlotte Motor Speedway back on Dec 11, 2013. Sat up in the clubhouse at the track, first time for me, and it was fantastic. Oh yes, I will have to get tickets for a race and have a seat in the clubhouse. 


A snow storm we had in Charlotte NC back in Dec 2012. I did this one mainly to just test out a new application in Google Photo. I had taken a "burst" of 8 photos of this scene with my camera and then Google stitches those together to make it look like a video.  


The Inter-Coastal Waterway down by Little River, SC.