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The Broad River that runs through Chimney Rock Village NC

You want to kick back and relax a bit? Then you need to come here to Chimney Rock Village NC. The river is just beautiful and it's a great one to wade into.

Views from main street of Chimney Rock Village NC

Great views while walking the main street of Chimney Rock Village NC


Be sure to stop here for that much needed coffee... Click HERE for more information about Coffee on the Rocks.

Chimney Rock State Park NC

Welcome to Chimney Rock State Park NC. This is where "The Last of the Mohicans" was made, along with other areas around here. Click HERE to read about the State Park and then click HERE to read more about the movie, The Last of the Mohicans.

The Rock Bridge

Lunch at the Riverwatch Deli & Grill

Great place to eat while in Chimney Rock Village NC. Click HERE to read more about this place. Great food, you won't be disappointed. Plus you sit right on the river and you can see Chimney Rock for your table, so the view is fantastic.

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Heavenly Hogg - Chimney Rock Village NC

Gemstone Mining

Did a little gemstone mining while in Chimney Rock Village NC. IF you go here, this is a must stop place with the kids. Lots of fun for all. Click HERE to learn more about the Gem Mine.

Bush in a rock

A bush that seems to be growing in a rock in the middle of Broad River.

Cooling off in the Broad River

After all that walking through Chimney Rock Village NC, it's time to cool the feet off in the Broad River. 

Painting of Chimney Rock Village NC

Bayou Billy

Great place to stop and have a soda or a float. Buy the cup on your first trip and always bring it back with you when you visit here again. It really does pay off then. Grandkids love this place, as well as the adults. Click HERE to read more about Bayou Billy.

Broad River - Chimney Rock Village NC

A relaxing day on the Broad River in Chimney Rock Village. What a fantastic way to enjoy the day, wading in the river, shopping in the village, and then lunch there. A great place to spend time away from the city. Click HERE to get more information about this great village.

Jimmie Rogers

Also known as "The Singing Brakeman".... Click HERE to read more about Jimmie Rogers.

Click HERE to go to the WWNC website... A local radio station in Asheville.

Hurry Robin... To the Bat Cave...

Click HERE to read more about Bat Cave NC...

Asheville NC

A day in Asheville NC... Having lunch in the park...

Mast General Store... A must see store when in Asheville